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Make Police Brutality A Crime In All Jurisdictions

Police officers are granted high levels of latitude while performing their jobs. Officers are expected to serve and protect; yet, we are experiencing an escalation in brutality and murder of citizens by police. This escalation includes alarming numbers of officers using unnecessary deadly force. 

                               We are Demanding A Change In Policy

 Police brutality is not ILLEGAL in most jurisdictions. In other words, police brutality is not a crime in most places around the U.S.  Officers are increasingly using excessive force for misdemeanors and simple traffic stops. Others are using deadly force for no justified reasons at all.

The choke hold is legal in most jurisdictions. Policies must be changed to include making the choke hold ILLEGAL.  Policies must be restructured to included banning excessive force for misdemeanors and disallowing deadly force for misdemeanors and routine stops.

If police use deadly force and/or excessive force the initial result should be termination from the police department, charges, arrests and prosecution.

We, the undersigned are demanding a change in federal policies to govern individual states. 

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