Make June 14th a Holiday for the US Flag and 45th President - "Trump Flag Day"

Make June 14th a Holiday for the US Flag and 45th President - "Trump Flag Day"

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Started by Dion Cini

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Flag Day and President Donald Trump's Birthday both coincidence on June 14th every year.

What better way to finally proclaim Flag Day as a Federal National Holiday, than to combine it with the Birthday of our "Greatest President since Abraham Lincoln", President  Donald J. Trump. The day will be forever known as "Trump Flag Day". 

Flag day was first celebrated by a grade school teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin, in 1885. Teacher Bernard J. Cigrand.

Cigrand spoke around the country promoting patriotism, respect for the flag, and the need for the Federal annual observance of a flag day on June 14, the day in 1777 that the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes. 

Since 1885 dozens of attempts have been made to affirm Flag Day as a National Federal Holiday, by many prominent groups and organizations. Unfortunately all attempts have failed.

But now with the President Trump's proclamation of "America First", it's time we merge both holidays into on one Federal Holiday on June 14th, Trump Flag Day.

As proud Americans will celebrate the day with Regional and Local Parades and other events. We will display our Old Glory Flags as well as our Trump Flags, high and proud. 

Please share and sign the petition. We will request Congress to make Trump Flag Day an official Federal Holiday.

Regardless of the petition status we will still hold our first Trump Flag Day June 14, 2021 at a National and Regional level. 

Thank you -Dion Cini

1,375 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!