Law Enforcement Accountability

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Arresting a few officers won’t be enough. We need real, substantial change for the millions of minorities living in fear of law enforcement across the United States. Until American police officers are investigated for their crimes, things will never change. We need a law to hold them accountable for their actions, until which point there will never be any change. We’re looking for your help, for your support for the people that don’t have a voice loud enough to speak. We need to use this momentum to draft and pass a law for the good of our citizens, and the generations that follow.

We are therefore asking for Congressional support, to help draft and pass comprehensive law enforcement legislation. CONTACT CONGRESS AND VOICE SUPPORT FOR THESE THREE CURRENT BILLS:

Justice in Policing Act of 2020

Police Accountability Act of 2020

End Qualified Immunity Act


LET THIS ALSO BE A RESOURCE FOR OUR DEMANDS: (When voicing support for the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, demand we add clauses about independent review for excessive use of force, and other aspects of this petition you feel strongly about.)

Establish an independent committee of prosecutors and professionals to review excessive use of force in law enforcement cases that result in the discharge of a firearm or death/serious injury of any individual. Officers found to use excessive force would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Officers can also be cited for ethical violations.

Require all “Internal Affairs Investigations” of officers to be outsourced to independent committees not affiliated with law enforcement.

Create a database for law enforcement officers that have been found guilty of ethical, but not criminal, violations, barring them from employment.

Strictly limit the power of police unions.

Mandate police body cameras for all officers that cannot be toggled on and off manually, the video of which is saved to a remote database.

Disqualify state and city law enforcement officers from “qualified immunity”.

End civil asset forfeiture.

Require individual private liability insurance for law enforcement officers to pay for the legal fees of defendants found "not guilty" and for settlements in civil lawsuits, to end civilian liability for unjust actions and arrests.

End “no knock” raids.

Require all law enforcement officers undergo intensive diversity training and submit to mental health evaluations annually.


These need to be core demands of the movement. Please, share this message and spread the word.

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