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United States Congress: Indict the US officials that helped Iraq deploy poison gas.

To demonstrate its good faith in defense of international norms and legality, the United States must hold its own officials and patrons to account. Mr. Obama and the US system of justice lose all credibility on the issue of chemical weapons use by refusing to acknowledge the history of criminal behavior widely alleged to have occured under prior administrations. To avoid further illegality and confusion on these essential points, Mr. Obama must immediately draw a bright line between the conduct of his administration and those that have acted without regard to the world's established humanitarian, legal, and strategic norms.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Dear Honorable Member of the Congress of the United States,

Given the clear evidence of numerous high-ranking US officials' material, tactical and political support for the government of Iraq's deployment and use of chemical weapons during its conflict with Iran:

We hereby demand immediate legislative action to reaffirm our nation's allegiance to international norms, conventions and established principles of law and treaty with respect to prohibitions against the deployment of chemical and bacteriological weapons.

The failure of recent administrations to demonstrate lawful behavior in respect of international humanitarian norms in the conduct of war has gravely undermined our nation's credibility as a champion of civil rule and justice.

In order to cleanse our name and stand with dignity among fair-minded people of the world, we must insist that all credible evidence regarding employees or agents of the US Government, or its contractors, who may have helped Saddam Hussein or the Government of Iraq to deploy and use chemical weapons be fully investigated with intent to prosecute those individuals of highest rank and influence most severely.

We cannot endorse the current President's call to project military power on the pretext of principles our nation has failed to uphold in good faith.

We call on you to demand that we bring the "Red Line" home and apply it to our own conduct before we threaten others with violence for failing to respect international standards of peace and justice.

In peace, with honor, your constituent.

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