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Extend the ban on female circumcision to include male circumcision as well.

If you cut off any other part of a baby's body for religious reasons, you would go to prison for child abuse. Cutting off part of a baby boy's penis shouldn't be any more acceptable. In fact, cutting off part of his penis is worse than cutting any other part of his body, because his penis is inherently sexual in nature. Thus, male circumcision is not only a form of physical abuse, but is also a form of sexual abuse. Female circumcision is illegal even when done for religious reasons. It's highly sexist and misandric to deny to boys the same protection which is extended to girls. It's also unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Parents who circumcise their infant sons should be sent to prison just like they would if they cut off any other part of their son's body.

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