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Abolish Police Brutality against Dogs

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I've seen this countless times, a dog approaches an officer, the cop gets spooked, then guns down the dog. Even when the dog is showing NO signs of agression! Police need to be taught how to tell when a dog is scared, or agressive. They need to have the tools to humanely incapacitate an agressive dog. There has been too many deaths of beloved pets due to police brutality and this needs to be stopped. I'd be devastated if anything happened to my baby. 
Cops have been mindlessly shooting dogs while trespassing, have been murdering animals that are just scared for their owner.. This has to stop, it could happen to any one of you.
Imagine going for a walk with your dog, when a cop pulls next to you and asks to search you because you seem "Suspicious," your dog is frightened and is sworn to protect you, so he/she stands between you and the officer. The cop gets scared and pulls out his gun and shoot your dog down. Finds nothing on you, and all he says is "Sorry." for you now dead dog.. This surprisingly has happened numberous times. It's not fair.

Bring awareness to this terrible situation please!

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