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U.S. Army Private LaVena Johnson was 19 years old when she was found dead in a filthy contractor’s tent while serving in Iraq, in July 2005. The Department of  Defense officially declared her death a suicide and claimed she died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head DESPITE her autopsy report and photographs revealing she was found with a gunshot wound, a broken nose, a black eye, loose teeth, evidence of rape, acid burns on her genitals, and a pool of blood inside the tent. 

LaVena Johnson’s family still mourns for the loss of LaVena and for years formed their own investigation team studying the horrific photographs and investigation documents just because the U.S. Army has yet to rule her death murder-rape notwithstanding the evidence. This is definitely not a suicide and the military wants to hide their culpability of what actually happened to her. She was fighting for her country and she deserves justice for her and her family.