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LAST CHANCE to Influence Final CUSD Sex Ed Curriculum!

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After a careful review of CUSD's newly proposed middle school sex ed curriculum, we have found the following areas of concern:

Medical Inaccuracies:

  • Teaches as accepted fact the theory of gender-fluidity (meaning gender is simply “assigned” at birth and is a social and cultural construct that can be changed at will).
  • Teaches that protected sex is “safe sex” and minimizes the risks associated with sexual behavior.

Age-inappropriate Content

  • Sexual scenarios discussed give the impression that casual sexual relationships and sexual experimentation are normal and expected in middle school.
  • Oral and anal sex are both described and discussed as a class.

Parental Rights Not Adequately Respected

  • Each lesson includes a "Parent Interview" homework assignment to encourage student-parent discussion. Unfortunately, these assignments are not required for class credit.  With no incentive for students to complete them, these important discussions may not occur.
  • Parents (and guardians) have legal rights to teach values to their children. The language of the curriculum does not accurately respect these rights, often directing children to some other “trusted adult,” caretaker, or even a friend, undermining the importance of parent-child discourse.
  • The opt out forms for this curriculum are neither easily obtained nor clearly explained.

Missing Content

  • Abstinence (or delaying sexual debut) is not endorsed or taught except to note that it is the only sure way to avoid unintended pregnancy and STIs. It does not effectively teach (or support) the value of delaying sex until maturity as the healthiest life path.
  • Does not teach the exponential risk increase from a rising number of sex partners.
  • The failure rate of contraception methods is not emphasized and students are not told that condoms are NOT FDA-approved for all sexual uses.

Please take time to review the curriculum for yourself, M-F at the District offices, from 8:00am until 4:30pm. And, sign the petition below if you agree that the CUSD Sex Ed Curriculum still needs attention/modification. The Board of Trustees is currently reviewing the proposed curriculum and will vote on it's adoption at the School Board meeting on February 27.  Therefore, the Trustee’s need to hear from YOU today!  Join with us in telling our Trustees that we expect to see a curriculum that is medically accurate, age appropriate, transparent and respects parental rights.  It’s time that parents get back into the driver's seat when it comes to rearing their children.


The United Parents team

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