Provide Air Conditioning for your UPS Driver

Provide Air Conditioning for your UPS Driver

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UPS drivers are battling the sweltering heat. Parcel volume and demands on workers are high, but the summer temperatures are even higher. And there is no A/C in UPS trucks.

I used to drive for UPS in Texas and the conditions were so bad that half the time I couldn’t even see because sweat was dripping in my eyes. But I was expected to keep delivering at a fast pace. When I expressed my concern that I might be getting dehydrated, the supervisors told me to eat a banana. Drink pickle juice. More water.

Eventually, I just had enough. UPS does not care about our safety. They claim safe work methods all day long and then throw us on a truck with 500,000 miles on it and no A/C. It seems like they’re just trying to save money.

Some drivers are hospitalized for dehydration and come within 20 minutes of losing their lives! It is illegal to leave a child or an animal in a vehicle in these conditions, shouldn't the same be applied to us? It's an oven in the back of that truck and looking for the right package at a stop can be very challenging sometimes.

I know from experience how miserable and dangerous these working conditions can be. Join me in telling UPS it’s time to put their people before their profits and add air conditioning to their trucks.