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-Talent Rusere

We are a very rich country but a very poor nation. Zimbabwe is a naturally blessed country sitting on the apex of precious stones and valuable natural resources.Gold and Diamonds defines the roads we walk.Natural fertility is the name to our land.The indescribable naturalism of our land have made our country a resort to its very indigenous people.Zimbabwe is a country with enough resources to sustain its economy without the western support or dependency but corruption by government officials have killed us and made us who we are.

Its very unfortunate that Zimbabwe has reached the level of not being able to feed its people. About 92 percent of the population is unemployed and can not feed their families.Almost 36% of Zimbabweans are in the diaspora due to economic uncertainties .Hospitals are empty and people are dying from hunger and curable diseases everyday. Our health and educational systems have deteriorated. Doctors,Nurses,Teachers and other public workers are migrating to neighboring countries in search of better living standards.

There is no more hope in the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. The government has become the population's oppressor. The state has become increasingly and openly militarized with several high ranking retired officials appointed to key ministries and senior offices within the public service,endless unproductive trips of government officials,severe abductions and increase of military involvement in human rights abuses,which is continua-sly occurring since the fatal shooting of six civilians on the first of august 2018 in the Harare CBD following protests against the electoral commissions delay in releasing election results.

Many civilians,opposition leaders,and journalist have been are still being abducted and killed by the military forces in rural areas and many remote areas in Zimbabwe,a lot of young woman and girls have been raped by soldiers and a lot of poor children became orphans.Orphans and vulnerable children's lives have been changed to buckets of misery.The operation of the civil society organisations in Zimbabwe has been governed by legislation since the colonial era. During the colonial era,the welfare organisations act (1967) was aimed at controlling organisations believed to be linked to the liberation movement and spreading information about the human rights situation in what was then Rhodesia and is now Zimbabwe under the military leadership.