Stop Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia

Stop Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia

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  • Introduction

Amhara Ethnic group is the second may be the first largest Ethnic group in Ethiopia.with the composition most of Orthodox Christian and Muslim .since 1991 this Ethnic group is labeled as an enemy by TPLF(Tigray people  liberation front) and OLF(Oromo people liberation front).In the last 30 years more than 3 million Amhara have been systematically killed..A large number of Amhara ethnic groups lives outside of Amhara regional state..Around 10 Million. Amhara  lives in Oromia regional state and around 5 Million in other regional States. In Addis Abeba most of the residents are Amhara Origin.According to the Ethnically based administrative  Federal state  people like Amhara , who lives outside of their regional State, their rights  are deprived .Their human right are violated, they have  no political representation , their economical participation is limited or prevented. and finally their lives are in secured.they are treated as second or third class citizens. This is what apartheid in 21 Century.

The curren  Amhara Genocide in oromia and Benishangul 

in the last two  and half years Amhara Ethnic groups who are living in Oromia region wolega zone ,Benishagul Gumuz metekel zone   and Southern nations and nationalities  regional States are killed because of  their  Amhara identity. Most of the massackeres are children and women.The Ethiopian government did not take action or the regional governments are participated in this atrocities.The state media and private media did not  reporte .Because in Oromia and Benishangul region Journalusts are not free to move in these areas.Government officials were participated in  these atrocies.Some of the governemt officials share the idiology of the opposion party like OLF  and TPLF .they give suport directly or indirectly .Government sponsored killers are committing Genocide by Amhara in Benishanigul and Oromia specially wolega zone.

Eventhough Mass killing and Mass graves are daily practices in Ethiopia,the government hides this Genocide and call Ethnic conflict.The state media release cooked data which is far from the exact number.In 2019 November when Activist Jawar Mohhamed call help more than 300 0rthodox  christian Amhara have been  kelled  in Oromia Region.Ethnically-driven attacks in Ethiopia grow as survivors describe pain in F24 exclusive report -

June 2020 following the death of prominent Oromo singer Hachalu Hundesa  more than 300 Amhara Ethnic groups and Orthodox Christian have been killed and their property is burned out and stolen in Oromia regional state Shashemene Arsi and the like.This crime is partially investigated by the state controlled human right commission.

In October 2020 in Guraferda wireda in Southern peoples  regional state more than 100 civilian Amhara Ethnic groups are killed because of  their Amhara identity. In the Same month in Wolega zone  of Oromia state Amhara ethnic were selected and forced to  gathered in a school but they killed all .This Estimated number riches more than 200 mostly children and women.

In Mai Kadra more than 1000 Amhara civilian were  killed by  organized tigray youth named "Samri". This killing have got Media coverage because the killers were from government,s opposition groups TPLF .In this report the Ethiopian government take political advantage from the opposition TPLF party.

Among the worst atrocities are crimes committed in Benishanigul Gumuz Metekel Zone.since August 2020 in Metekel Amhara civilian are targeted and killed daily.Photos shown in this link were taken during massgrave in Benishanigul Gumuz Metekel zone January 2021.Here are  links to show you some. 

 the current regime of Abbey Ahmed which  is dominated by the oromo Nationalists are denaying, hiding  Amhara Genocide.They are working to reestablish Ethiopia .their  false narratives  "Amhara ethniv were privileged in the past monarchical regime" is their political organizing strategy..To Reengineer Ethiopia and  take advantage ober Cultural and  language suppermacy  extremist Oromo nationalists and their followers are killing none Oromos especially Amhara Ethnic groups who are living outside of Amhara regional state .They are cleasing Amhara to reduce Amharic speakers.Most of the Amhara who were living in Oromia and Benishagul Gumuz the living there village due to life in Security . only in Metekel zone more 100,000 Amhara have been internally displayed reside in Chagni a town in Amhara region.

Ethiopia: Violence displaces hundreds of thousands at border with Sudan -

We ask the international community and human right organizations to take immediate action ,implementation  of independent investigation for  crimes commited in Ethiopia and unconditionally stop the active Amhara Genocide.

Injustice somewhere is injustice every where.

Let us open our eyes

Let  us raise our voice.


Kindly regards .



0 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 7.500.
Bei 7.500 Unterschriften wird die Petition mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit eine Antwort der Entscheidungsträger*in bekommen!