A Call To The United States To Stop Supporting Turkish Violence In Rojava

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   The Kurdish autonomous zone known as "Rojava" in the North East section of Syria is under hostile attack from Turkish/Nato military forces. The United States has made a reprehensible decision to abandon the Kurds by pulling out a limited amount of ground troops along the border of Rojava, that were acting as a deterrent to Turkish invasion.

The Kurds have been the U.S. greatest ally in the region, and are responsible for the defeat of ISIS. If the United States continues to turn it's back on Rojava they will be not only be complicit in the genocide of the Kurds, but will risk The escape of thousands of ISIS prisoners being held in the region. And will allow the Destruction of one of the most Directly Democratic and Ecologically Progressive areas in the history of the World.

    If it's not too late, The United States NEEDS to rise to a minimal level of honor, and morality by replacing it's small Military force that was stationed along the border of Rojava. And Urge Turkey to call of its terrorist attack on the Kurds, and the rest of the diverse populations of the area. And by doing so, the U.S. will join the rest of the world in its universal condemnation of this ensuing Massacre.

The social experiment being carried out in Rojava over the past seven years has been an inspiration to me, and millions of other people across the world. It has showed us a legitimate new idea on what it is to be a human being. And it's up to us to protect it!

For more information on how to support Rojava please go to the "Emergency Committee Rojava" website listed below. Thank you