Request SETI to Reveal the Billy Meier UFO Contacts

Request SETI to Reveal the Billy Meier UFO Contacts

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The discovery of, and ultimately contact with, extraterrestrial intelligence would be the most important development in all of science and human history. Founded in 1984, SETI, i.e. the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence” receives millions of taxpayers’ dollars and, according to CEO/Director Bill Diamond, SETI‘s “singular mission and purpose is this search for extraterrestrial life.” 

What SETI has known, for over 10 years, that most people don’t, is that intelligent life has been “discovered” and contacts with an extraterrestrial human race have been ongoing…for almost 80 years.

Evidence of Contacts

The private research company, They Fly Productions, has been providing SETI with evidence of contacts that began in 1942, between a Swiss man, Billy Meier, and an advanced, peaceful, extraterrestrial human race, who call themselves the Plejaren. 

Billy Meier’s evidence includes hundreds of pre-digital era, still irreproducible UFO: 

  • Photos
    Sound recordings
    Metal samples 

All peer-reviewed, independently analyzed and authenticated by scientific experts from: NASA, JPL, USGS, McDonnell Douglas, IBM, USAF OSI/Department of Defense, and US astronaut Gordon Cooper.

The Higher Standard of Proof

Demonstrating their advanced knowledge, the Plejaren have provided hundreds of examples of previously unknown, scientific, medical and environmental information. In February 2020, they began providing the most impeccably accurate information about COVID-19 - long before the CDC, WHO, and other official health organizations - as established by copyrights.

The Plejaren have made clear that:

  • There will be no landings and no other persons will be contacted 
    Their mission was to provide information for our future survival 
    And it’s up to humanity to take responsibility for applying the information

The Same Objectives 

Bill Diamond has publicly acknowledged that “we’re on the same team and we have the same objectives”. Therefore, They Fly Productions requests that SETI use their vast resources to publicly reveal the historically unprecedented Billy Meier contacts, and the vitally important information from the far more scientifically knowledgeable Plejaren, regarding how to contain, control and conquer, the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, for the benefit of humankind.

By freely providing the accurate COVID-19 information to the public, the Plejaren extraterrestrials demonstrate that they care about our survival. We ask SETI to show it cares as much as the Plejaren do about the lives of the people on earth.

It is most urgent for the public to know and determine the value of this life-saving – and suppressed – information.

Question: If all this is true, why hasn’t SETI released this unprecedented information?

Answer: By signing the petition you’re letting SETI know that YOU, the taxpayers, want this information released.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!