Petition for Global Legislation to Reduce Risk of Technology

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   The advancement of technology has radically changed society. Some of these consequences have been positive while others have been negative. Most negative consequences include cybersecurity threats and the geopolitical balance of power. With the increase of technology, there has also been an increase in cyber threats and breaches of security and privacy amongst civilians and states. Another major threat is that global technological competition has created tension among nation states, such as China and the U.S. Experts, such as Elon Musk, predict that new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will generate a third world war.

   Scholars, such as MIT Professor of Political Science Nazli Choucri, stress that there is insufficient research on how technology will impact international relations in the future. 

   The purpose of this petition is to get a global institution, such as the United Nations, to inact stricter policies on cybersecurity and other emerging technologies, such as aritificial intelligence.

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