Justice for Muhammad Ajmal

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This young boy is Muhammad Ajmal. On Monday he was RAPED, MURDERED and HUNG from a tree behind his aunt's house in Pakistan. He lived in a very small village and his killers got away as there is not too much accountability in small villages in Pakistan. They caught one of the men but there was a total of THREE MEN who did this!! They should all be punished...the other two should not be able to get away freely. When his mother heard about this news she lost her ability to speak. His father fainted immediately upon finding this out and when he regained consciousness he immediately screamed out his sons name! Please go through an investigation and find the other two men. 

I hope that this will lead to bringing awareness to bigger authorities in Pakistan so that the other two men can be held accountable! Young kids being raped is DISGUSTING! We should all do our bit inspeaking out on this!!!