The Petition to Legalize Global Adulthood

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Whereas the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights assertively legalizes and protects the regional unconsciously acquired social/sequential conditionings of childhood/youth through law, effectively making it illegal to discuss or define global adulthood, we the undersigned call upon the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to grant a similar and corresponding articulation with related legal protections for International Global Adulthood as have been afforded to the unconsciously acquired social/sequential conditionings of regional childhood/youth.     

Explanation:  The opening words up to and including the word "law" deal with identifying the irrefutable factual conditionings of our individual consciousness, our associations and values acquired unconsciously through childhood and on into 'adulthood' sequentially through time. The next words deal with identifying the fact that these unconsciously acquired values and associations are then protected through our fundamental statements about Human Rights, which renders any discussion about adulthood, or 'global adulthood,' as essentially illegal. 

In our electoral processes, we require voters to be of a certain age in order to vote. This indicates that there is a broadly accepted difference between a child and an adult. The problem then arises that these unconsciously acquired associations of childhood (entry-traditions/culture) are then affirmatively identified, and protected, by law, effectively prolonging the condition of developmental childhood indefinitely. 

There is a difference between a child and an adult. A child has the luxury and natural occurrence of developmental beliefs and unconsciously acquired entry traditions (parents social/cultural conditionings). A child is not born with language. A child is not expected to understand larger 'global context, or 'global consequences'.

All language is relative. In a 'global community,' a 'global adult' is expected to understand 'global context' and 'global consequences'.

We have identified, articulated, and protected the unconsciously acquired social sequential conditionings of childhood/youth (culture/belief) through law, effectively negating the incentive or need to cultivate any real larger global adult relationship.

We have made it illegal to have an adult/global discussion.

We have outlawed 'global adulthood'.


The Petition to Legalize Global Adulthood evolved out of an updated preface (April 24, 2017) to The Layman's Petition (2002, 2007, 2010). The full text of this updated 2017 preface (and the original Layman's Petition document) is available as an inexpensive ebook ($1.99) through Trafford publishing. The Layman's Petition, Paul Young, Trafford Publishing.