Free Zimbabwe, ZANU PF MUST GO

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One party dominance from Zanu Pf absolutely breeds dictatorship , human rights abuse, corruption and poor service delivery.  Zimbabweans have been held at ransom for a very long time hoping things would fall in the right track. 

It is now time for Zimbabweans to rise up and say enough is enough.  We have suffered enough. Zanu pf has turned from being a political party to a terrorist group attacking innocent civilians. People have been killed by the Zanu pf government led by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. 

Since the Mnangagwa administration took office in Zimbabwe, expectations of a transformative approach to civil and human rights violations have dampened. Continuing waves of state violence are alleged to have conjoined with a shrinking of the democratic space.

The Mnangagwa administration, the ‘New Dispensation’, has not taken any tangible steps to demonstrate a commitment to accountability, justice for human rights abuses or respect for the rule of law.

In its 2019 report entitled ‘The New Deception: What has Changed’, the Zimbabwe NGO Human Rights Forum critiqued the government’s record on human rights violations. The report reflected on the promises made by the President when he took his oath of office to return to constitutionalism and the rule of law, highlighting the nature and distribution of violations witnessed since November 2017 when Robert Mugabe was overthrown, in what was officially termed a ‘military-assisted transition’.

Indeed 2019 witnessed a rise in human rights abuses by the New Dispensation as human rights defenders, opposition members, the media and civil society leaders were all subjected to forms of human rights violations.
Police crackdown and forced disappearances
Countrywide protests in January 2018 over economic hardships, sparked by a sudden rise in fuel prices, were met with a brutal backlash by the army and police. According to the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 17 people lost their lives. On 18 January 2019, following the protests, the government imposed a total internet shutdown which critics said was designed to blackout social media reports of a violent crackdown on the protests.

The protests came at the height of Mnangagwa and his government’s ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra, in an effort to attract much-needed foreign direct investment. Potential investors frowned at the level of human rights abuses by the administration and thus the people of Zimbabwe continued to suffer at the hands of misrule and human rights abuses by the government.

Since then, several cases of abductions and violence show that little has changed, with comedians, civil society leaders and human rights defenders having all been allegedly abducted by suspected state agents in an effort to silence Mnangagwa’s critics.