Stand Against the Use of Animals for War

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A falcon was found in Southern Israel hanging from a tree, dead. Its legs had been tied to a wire which had flammable materials at the end. The purpose of the materials was to destroy land and property. Over the course of the last couple of months, especially the last weeks, Palestinian terrorists have sent incendiary kites, balloons and even condoms into Israel to wreak as much havoc as possible, killing much wildlife and destroying nature reserves in the process.

Animals are being used by terrorists and arsonists as a weapon of war, and they are suffering and dying in the process.

So far, this ecoterrorism has sparked over 1000 fires which have destroyed over 8,200 acres of forest and agricultural land. The damage is totaling tens of millions of dollars and environmental experts say it will take 15 years to rehabilitate the vegetation and wildlife.

The abuse of animals for purposes of war and expression of rage is not new.

Donkeys have commonly been used by Hamas and its supporters to transport bombs and / or act as ‘suicide bombers’. Hamas terrorists have reportedly also strapped explosives to horses and dogs. Donkeys have been draped in Israeli flags, or have had the flag painted on themselves, and have then reportedly been harassed and beaten, sometimes to death.

We denounce this heinous treatment of these animals and ask that all animal-lovers stand up against the use of animals for war or conflict situations.

It is time that the world stops ignoring the horrific animal abuse which has been inflicted at the hands terrorists and militants. Regardless of your political affiliations or feelings about this conflict, the practice of abusing animals in this way must be denounced.

Please join us by signing this petition which we will bring to Affiliate Political Organizations to the Palestinian Authority, to the United Nations Environment Program and to the World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

Yours in Conservation, Education and Awareness,

The Race Against Extinction Team