International Disease Defence Program (IDDP) to fight Corona COVID-19

International Disease Defence Program (IDDP) to fight Corona COVID-19

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Steffen Niemann hat diese Petition an United Nations und gestartet.


Call for action to:

  • Collect and share information, demands and supplies to fight pandemic with an International Disease Defence Program (IDDP) framed by the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • Provide standards, methods & recommendations based on IDDP network data evaluation.
  • Strategically allocate demands and resources on the globe via IDDP.


  • Health institutions report their demands & resources to the IDDP
  • Providers of resources post their resources & availability to the IDDP
  • Logistic providers take on shipment demands issued by IDDP
  • International community support resource allocation according to science based recommendations and monitoring results using the IDDP network.


1. Mankind needs to act as one organism fighting an infection by

  • identifying, 
  • coordinating,
  • allocating

required resources (knowledge, methods, people, equipment, money) globally in a network moderated by science and best practices, accessible worldwide via one platform for matching and distributing demands and request, covering the spectrum between individual decentralized action and global standards and strategies.

2. Mankind's weapon to defeat any pandemic disease lies as much in solidarity and coordination of actions as in the acting of individual states for adaptation to local situation.

3. The COVID-19 disease will sweep around the globe in waves that interact in a non-deterministic system. That system cannot be modeled in detail but needs coordinated, continuous monitoring, and coordinated, strategic, adaptive responses.

4. Pooling and coordinating mankind's worldwide resources, and strategically allocating them both digitally and physically to the hotspots on demand and/or bring the patients to the resources, ensures that as one species we will endure as little damage as possible. Mankind cannot stop the virus spread, but we can minimize its damage both on a regional and on a global balance sheet.

5. Failure to act imposes a great threat to international political and economic stability. Any delay increases the chance for chaos with a increasing number of deaths by collateral damages done to economic systems and poverty leading to waves of refugees, uprising of people, war. 

6. The corona crises imposes a great threat and at the same time a great chance to unite as mankind by solving the fundamental global problems together.


The “International Disease Defence Program (IDDP)” shall be a global joint venture and shall consist of, but not limited to, the following modules:

II-1 IDDP Science & Medical Board
The World Health Organisation (WHO) supported by leading institutions of the science committee is called to provide a science based framework not limited to:

  • a commonly accepted economic model to provide the statistical chance that a coordinated monitoring, pooling & shared usage of distributed resources in a network will - on a global scale - cost less money and lives than fighting the viruses impact as individual nations,
  • providing and update a commonly accepted disease spread model based on monitoring data to add to next best action decisions,
  • providing economic methods to make required resources globally equally accessible,
  • evaluating different approaches in treatment procedures, vaccine development,
  • monitoring and initiating strategics, methods, tools for a distributed fight against the disease, 
  • providing recommendations to iteratively adapt the IDDP for effectivity. 

The work of the board shall focuses on: 

  • providing the basis for next best action decisions,
  • setting an economically and morally sound framework for governments to participate, to build up trust, and to collaborate. 

Questions for the board to answer:
Following a coordinated collaborative approach as of the IDDP

  • How many lives can be saved globally (minimum)?
  • How many dollars can be saved globally (minimum)?
  • Which are the most promising treatments?
  • Which are the best standards to apply?

II-2 IDDP Steering Committee
Constituted by members of all nations and acting on behalf of the United Nations and the WHO in consent of all governments to:

  • Do whatever is required to ensure the IDDP program and IDDP teams’ operation on a legal basis and in accordance to the human rights act.
  • Enforce with international & national law all companies/institutions to list all resources available/being produced on their territory. Failure in doing so may be considered an act of aggression by taking advantage of the virus in order to outperform other nations by disclosing resources required to fight the virus.
  • Enforce common quality standards of health products and equipment.
  • Adapting global standards & procedures to 
    - test for the virus, 
    - to report and 
    - to restrict physical contact
    together with IDDP Science & Medical Board.
  • Ensure the IDDP and all measure taken to be in full compliance and to enforce and foster the declaration of human rights (AEMR).
  • Set framework for global financial market stability with the top priority to focus on supplying individual human beings with the minimum funds to survive and to act according to all precautions measures to fight the disease.
  • Set a global framework to forster price stability especially for:
    - equipment, tests,
    - transportation of patients/material of IDDP shipments
    - kerosene/electricity/fuel for all airlines/carriers transporting IDDP equipment, personal, patients.

II-3 IDDP Operational Task force
Based on the legal framework of UN peacekeeping mission the United Nations together with WHO is to setup a Operational task force to engage on a global scale in

  • disease monitoring,
  • resource allocation management,
  • critical resources identification.

The team is to support prioritizing demands and distributing resources and patients by availability and by a commonly agreed and adapted set of parameters that are backed up by model calculations and monitoring on virus spreading. Parameters have to be chosen to minimize the impact on a global scale, valuing every nation as equal. Each government is to send representatives to IDDP Operational task force. 

II-4 IDDP Platform
Formed as a joint venture of the top 2-3 marketplace and logistics companies from each continent to provide a proven available cloud ERP / marketplace system with order & supply chain management and easily integrated ticket system capabilities. 

  • Connect available resources and offers with demands via shipment on a global scale.
  • Scalable for actors to interact on a local, regional, national and international level.
  • rate offers and equipment for quality and fraud detection by quality agencies.

Setup the system to be able to handle: 

  • Offers and Requests of
    essential equipment with ownership, location, status of, but not limited to the following:
    - Tests
    - Ventilators
    - Protection garn
    - Protection masks
    - Beds
    - Tents
    -  …
  • capacities with location, status, contacts, e.g. for:
    - testing 
    - beds with ventilation
    - space
  • teams with location, status, contacts
    - Nurses
    - Doctors
    - Logistics
    - individual professionals that offer to join
  • order management
  • Shipment & tracking of resources door-to-door

II-5 IDDP Support

Formed as a distributed Call Center & 1 level Support not limited to the languages 

  • English
  • French
  • Kanton
  • Spanish
  • Russian

as a joint effort of the top 3 call center companies of each continent.

Goal: connecting  “IDDP Operations” and “IDDP Platform”  and “IDDP scientific & Medical” with platform acteurs, supporting the success of resource transfer via the IDDP platform.

  • requestes have to be answered 24/7.
  • Setup of FAQs & Knowledge base providing answers from, operational task force & IDDP steering committee to public and public health sector and suppliers.

II-6 IDDP Development

  • International group of developers and administrators working on the development and the adaptation of the IPPD and on its integration with other resources.
  • Organising hackathons with defined goals and global calls staffing the development team on a contracted basis.
  • Ensuring data security of confidential information and the Open Source development of the IDDP platform.

II-7 IDDP Finance
Setup by World bank, International Monetary Fund, in cooperation with national / regional banks to provide funds for

  • the IDDP 
  • resources & staff
  • nations with limited financial capabilities to support their citizens

Decisions about the share of money all nations need to hold are postponed until the crisis is solved. As a basic agreement, shares may be calculated by the relative economic power of the nations prior to date of the first occurrence of virus.

II-8 All producers/providers of resources / the private sector

  • report production capacities and stock to the IDDP, especially, but not limited to protection and medical equipment.
  • provide knowledge and services to the public. 
  • provide staff to the IDDP.

II-9 All nations/states/counties/cities/hospitals

  • report their demand for resources by online form to the cloud based resource management. 
  • report their treatment capabilities.

II-10 All airlines, cargo carriers, health organisations

Take on door-to-door shipments issued by IDDP and prioritise these shipments before other business.

II-11 All international Quality Assurance Agencies
Provide informations to IDDP (e.g. blacklist and whitelists) to ensure quality and integrity of information and of material and equipment traded.

II-12 All citizens
Unite in the will to face the global challenge of a pandemic as global citizens. Demand from our governments to supporting us and our will to take responsibility for our lives and for the live of others. Unite in the will not to leave one soul behind. Unite in the understanding, that diversity and freedom is a common good we all want to share to the same extend, with the same wish for peace, health and safety. Unite in the understanding that the power of freedom is the power of balancing and enabling the freedom of all beings. We call on our governments, on the World Health Organisation and on the United Nations to follow our will and take imediate action.


Dear Mr. António Guterres,
Dear Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
Dear Excellencies and Honorable Leaders of all governments of all nations on this planet,

with my signature, I

  • support the call for action for an International Disease Defence Program (IDDP) as outlined above,
  • call on my government to immediately join forces with other nations and to establish a united, global, pandemic disease protection and defence that shares the load of the pandemic disease's imapct COVID-19 between all nations according to their economic strength.
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