Stop Christie's from selling STOLEN Igbo Sculptures . #BlackArtsMatter

Stop Christie's from selling STOLEN Igbo Sculptures . #BlackArtsMatter

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As the world awakens to the reality of systemic racial injustice and inequality, thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter movement; we must not forget that it is not just the black body, but also black culture, identity and especially art that is being misappropriated. 

Between 1967 and 1970 as the Nigerian Biafran civil war raged on and while more than 3 million innocent civilians were dying, Mr Kerchache, a renowned European treasure hunter was in the heartland of Biafra, not in any way to assist the starving children nor to provide any assistance. Instead, as children died of starvation, he was on a hunting spree for our cultural heritage.

Overnight, COUNTLESS Alusi (sacred sculptures) disappeared from communal shrines in Umuoji, today's Anambra state. These art raids were sponsored by rich dealers and their even richer European and the American client collectors .

Christie's plans to auction off two of these sacred Alusi not minding that these were looted off in the darkest years of the Biafran War. 

We are demanding Christie's stops the auction of these ill-acquired sacred sculptures so that they be returned to their rightful homes!