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Ban Trade of All Endangered and Trophy Species Merchandising Worldwide!

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This petition is asking All Nations to globally ban the Trade and Profiteering of all merchandise created and/or extracted from all nations which involve Endangered and Commercial Game Animals!
The Collection, Trade & Commerce created, via these cruel, barbaric and violent methods by individual(s), create an unsafe and uninhabitable culture and environment for ALL. Our disrespect for other beings has extended to our own disrespect for ourselves, and making the world become one of constant brutality towards each other and wars unending for our planet!
These activities create parties and entities desensitized and sociopathic in their attitude and respect towards others and diminish any and all attempts of we make striding forward toward becoming civilized societies, containing and cultivating well-behaved and respectful communities, necessary to contribute to the advancement and progress of the many diverse Governance's we all aspire to!
Ending all trade concerning ALL HUNTED ENDANGERED SPECIES & GAME ANIMALS will encourage and enhance our world and it's many diverse communities, endowed with this universal respect toward other living beings and life forms!
The universal respect towards other beings can and will transfer into an understanding and respect for our own, enabling all of the communities of the world to establish and maintain peace for profit and commerce!!
Commerce will expand and become greater and more inclusive and profitable for everyone, INSTEAD OF THE STAGNATE ONE, STUCK IN THE BARBARIC MODE OF A LIFESTYLE LONGING FOR DEMISE, that it is!
Animals are not and should not be made sport of! No Living Being should! The sport of killing, maiming, threatening, and endangering other living beings on this planet must end, not just for now, but for all time!
Please, consider and help instill in all of the communities of our planet a universal respect for all living beings by taking this first step, in eliminating the trade and commerce of any and all Endangered and Gaming Species on this planet!

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