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Support Kurdistan (KRG) Independence

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The Kurdish people are the largest nation/ethnic group around the world that were denied self-determination by WWI allies and The League of Nations in 1920s. As a result, they have been targeted inhumanely and were segregated, alienated, Arabized in Iraq and Syria, forcefully denied cultural rights and the right to use their language in Turkey and Iran. Kurds in Iraqi now - autonomous Kurdistan were also gassed in 1988, and brutally repressed by Sadam Hussein's former regime of Iraq. In continuous anti-Kurd operations, genocide and massacre, Iraqi former regime have killed over 300.000 Kurds since 1963, when they were for the second time denied autonomous right. Now Iraqi Kurdistan is autonomous and is a safe haven not only to Kurds but also to most of ChristiansYezidis, and other non - Muslim or ethnic groups of Iraq who have been repeatedly targeted by terrorist groups after 2003, operation Iraqi Freedom. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is not only a safe haven for the Kurdistan ethnic groups protected by Peshmarga, but thousands of political, humanists and civil society activists from neighbouring countries have found refuge there. Overall, there are about 2 million refugees in Kurdistan. Moreover, after the recent Iraqi crisis and the failure of the Iraqi army in central west of Iraq, Peshmarga forces of KRG (official protectors and Kurdistani forces in Iraqi constitution) actively controlled a huge part of the areas being taken over by ISIS. Peshmarga forces have been denied salaried by Iraqi central government and need international support to protect minorities and KRG citizens. Recently, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, announced that Kurds have the right of self-determination and finally an independent Kurdish state. The Kurds have already gained self-autonomy in this part of Iraq and they have proven themselves more than able to run a country and are currently fighting against the malicious terrorist group known as ISIS. An independent Kurdish state will also encourage democracy in the Middle East and shall become a great addition to the United Nations. Kurds also have a huge number of immigrants and diaspora worldwide that is estimated about 3.000.000 m, more than the population of many sovereign and independent Countries. For the aforementioned reasons, United Nations as the true representative of the international community and the European Union should support Kurdish Independence in/of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.

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