A Call for UN Security Council to intervene in Ethiopia stop genocide of the Amhara people

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A call for UN Security Council!

Very shocking and graphic images coming out of welega in Oromia region of Ethiopia, a place where over 200 ethnic amharas were forcefully brought into one place and got brutally murdered with guns and grenades by the armed forces of the state sponsored Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)! We need the world to realize the alarmingly brutal inhumane killings, injustices and the widespread acts of genocide against the Amhara people in Oromia and Benishangul regions of Ethiopia. The currently emerging images and videos over the social and independent international medias, (included that of Amnesty) conformed us the alarming severe genocide acts against the Amhara people and orthodox christians. We call up on the world communities, particularly the UN to rescue the amhara people endangered by further genocidal attacks. It is time for the UN peace keeping forces to be deployed to save innocent ethnic Amharas, Amharic speaking people as well as orthodox christians in Ethiopia threatening by another episodes of genocide. So far the Ethiopian government failed to protect the lives of innocent citizens and at times acted complicit. Therefore, we would like to bring to the attention of the UN to swiftly take all necessary actions possible before the situation further deteriorates and heavy losses of human lives as well as civil war take place in the country.