United Methodist Church Bishop Disciplinary Action

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Formal trial and discipline must be brought against Greater New Jersey Conference Bishop, John Schol.

Bishop Schol has openly stated his defiance of the Book of Discipline and the Bible when he stated:

"Today, I take my own step, and I invite you to take a step with me. I will not forward complaints concerning homosexuality for trial. I will not participate in the ongoing harm and division of our church. I will not participate in excluding faithful United Methodists, faithful and fruitful LGBTQ United Methodists from serving God. I will not prevent caring, loving LGBTQ people who in the United Methodist tradition want to enter into a covenant with God and one another.


This is against the Book of Discipline Paragraph 161 that says that homosexuality is not compatible with Scripture.

It is time for the United Methodist Church to enforce its policies and uphold Scripture.