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In 2016 we made a round trip of 300 miles to collect an ex breeding bitch who we decided to call Naya

Her life up to that day had not been as it should of....happy. It had been spent living in a soulless environment, with only the basic of care, it is likely that she had never seen proper daylight, except for the dusty shards of light that come through the cracks of the door or maybe even the roof... She may had never felt the sun on her back or the wind in her fur, she may never had experienced warm summer rain on her paws or the icy tingle of fresh snow....you see being imprisoned in a dark cold cell deprived her of these experiences... She had never experienced love before except for the love she had for her puppies who would have been ripped away from her,  leaving her with a searing pain in her heart and her soul empty, for a short while she would have felt loved too... It is likely that the only human contact that she would have had would have been a negative experience, puppy farmers don’t take the time to socialise them. She had never  lived in a house before or had a soft warm bed it is likely she slept on a cold hard floor. Where she ‘lived’ would have been her toilet too, no wonder her fur was stained and she stank...

That cute puppy on the Internet, can you be sure it’s mother isn’t a puppy farm prisoner.. This trade is absolutely barbaric, greedy people making money from an animals suffering... it needs to stop. The UK government needs to close down all these establishments and stop issuing licences, you are legalising animal abuse!