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Cover Homebirth at the In-Network level

Birth matters and every woman deserves the right to choose how she wants her birth to be, whether she chooses to deliver with a doctor or a midwife, in the hospital or at home. My insurance company doesn't agree. They will not cover my planned homebirth with a midwife simply because my midwife does not deliver in a hospital and is not a nurse-midwife. I pay my premiums for this plan. I am not requesting that my insurance company pay for unusual services. I am simply requesting that they pay a licensed and qualified provider for normal maternity care and birth at rates that will cost them less than if I go elsewhere. Delivery at home with a licensed midwife in attendance has been determined to be as safe, if not safer, than hospital births. The cost of a planned homebirth is far less than that of a hospital birth. Insurance companies would be paying far more in obstetrician and hospital fees than they would end up paying to a midwife for a homebirth.
I had my first baby in a hospital with an obstetrician and had interventions done that I was told I had to have because it was hospital policy. I was strapped down to monitors and IVs and had to lie on my back and was not allowed to eat or drink or move. When my obstetrician was busy and couldn’t make it to the hospital to deliver my baby when I was ready to push they gave me drugs that ended up stopping my labor. Then when my obstetrician was finally ready they gave me more drugs to start my labor again. I walked away from that birth feeling disempowered like I had been a spectator of my own birth. I know after talking to many women that I’m not the only one to feel this way after a hospital birth. I am now pregnant with my second child and I want the chance to have a say in this birth. I am a strong, healthy woman. I trust my body and want to bring my baby into this world as gently and lovingly as possible. I believe that is with an experienced, licensed midwife in the warmth and comfort of my own home. I believe I should have the right to choose how and where I have my baby. Please sign my petition and let my insurance company know that birth does matter and every woman should have the right to choose. I appreciate your support.

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