To get United Healthcare to help pay for our daughter's expensive, hard to get, special needs pre-digestive based formula that she requires to survive.

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Many infants are born into this world with various health problems. In most cases the insurance agencies will cover costs for what they consider needed procedures or treatments; however that is not always the case. In my daughter Katelyn's case, she was born with digestive problems. Since birth no diagnosis was ever determined and her illness still unknown. In order for Katelyn to survive she needs this special baby formula to live; without it she will die. Due to the outrageous cost of one case, approximately $85.00, we are limited to feeding her one case per day. That costs us over $510.00 per week to feed our Katelyn. This come directly from us; our insurance company, United Healthcare will not cover any of the costs.

As a working class family the added expenses are breaking us. To date we have appealed United Healthcare’s decision not to cover the costs twice and both times been denied; and they have done so with no remorse or empathy whatsoever. United Healthcare has no issue accepting the monies I contribute to my companies health insurance plan; however when you truly need help they don't want to pay.

The fact is the care for my Katelyn is a must! We are not a couple of parents wanting to spend $500.00 per week on baby formula for no reason; we want our baby to live and be healthy. Katelyn is also visually impaired and hooked up to a heart monitor machine for other issues. As parents we did not elect this rough beginning to life for our daughter. It is not easy to watch our extremely small seven month old who is severely behind other infants her age struggle to eat and just live.

By putting pressure on United Healthcare and other insurance companies to cover the costs will allow my daughter to receive the nutrition she needs to grow and not put such a strain on my family and me. Also, the United States Congress and Senate need to be aware of these issues as they have political power to instill change.

Someone need to hold United Healthcare and the insurance companies responsible and ensure that they are covering the needs of those families they insure; especially when it comes to infants. 

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