Say NO to no-fault insurance in Alberta!

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The UCP is considering changing the current automobile insurance system in Alberta. The insurance lobby is strong and has been pressuring the government to make changes which will increase their profits at the detriment of regular hardworking Albertans. What does this mean for you?

Currently, if you get into a car accident and you are injured, your own insurance will provide you with certain health benefits in addition to your Alberta Health Care coverage (ex: physical therapy, massage etc.). If you are not at-fault for the collision, you can pursue the other driver for compensation for your injuries (ex: pain and suffering, loss of income, future cost of care etc.). 

The system works. It works well for Albertans who benefit from coverage on the one hand, and the ability to pursue for compensation on the other. It also works well for insurance companies. The insurance industry continues to make billions every year in profit

The insurance industry is attempting to create a so-called "crisis" to justify changing the system to their benefit. This could possibly leave you without the ability to sue while paying higher premiums!  

Sign this petition to say NO to ANY changes being made to the current automobile insurance system in Alberta!