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As you have probably seen on the news, United Airlines was under some fire for a few issues that happened with their Petsafe Program. The Airline shut down all flights for pets while they did a review of their program. Many families were left stranded as their PCS dates were approaching and they had no way to get their animals home. While United airlines has re-opened their program, they will be making some big changes that are once again stranding many many military families on Guam who had brought their animals with them when moving here.

On June 18, 2018 United Airlines will be putting new restrictions/limitations in place limiting many more breeds and sizes that they previously allowed. These new policies will mean many families will have to leave their dogs behind. 

Kale is my 10 year old Australian Shepherd mix, he is very tall and his kennel is 34", United's new policy does not allow kennels over 30". I have owned him since he was 8 weeks old. He has never had another owner and he has lived his whole life with us and his sister Ava. To be separated from his family at almost 11 years old is BEYOND CRUEL. There ARE NO OTHER AIRLINES that ship animals from/to Guam. I have contacted several airlines and animal moving services with no hope. OUR ONLY HOPE is to get UNITED to re-think their shipping policies and DO THE RIGHT THING and get these animals off the Island and keep these families together. ESPECIALLY those animals that they shipped here originally. We leave in Oct. for HI and we have NO other options. 

There are thousands of stray dogs on island Gov. Eddie Calvo please stand with the military families and help protect Guam from even more stranded animals. There are already a lack of fosters and adopters for the animals already in need of homes, the bans from UNTIED Airlines will mean hundreds of more animals in need of homes.

Please sign this petition to let UNITED AIRLINES know that while we understand they had to make changes, but these are not the ones that need to be made. LIFT these restrictions, if only for the military families that are stranded here. The military protects us all, please help support the families that support them!

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