UNITED AIRLINES should fix the Pet Cargo Rules in Favor of Some Breeds and their Owners

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United Airlines was the ONLY airline in the US that traveled certain breeds that Delta or American have banned for years. Now they have decided to join those same regulations.

Some of those more than 17 breeds are the sweet Boxer, the curious Boston Terrier, the smart Pekignese, the world famous American Bully, the lovely Shih Zhu, the Pitbulls and other breeds. 

There are too many families that own these breeds that are ad will be affected Worldwide, but Specially in US and they Territories. And they need from United to ship their pets. They have also limited the kennel size to a 30 inches height, that means no Great Dane, and many German Sheperd, Husky, Golden Retriever, Labradors and big dogs will never fly again.  Not mentioning  dogs breeders and shipping companies thet also will be afected. United have been their carrier for years. 

We know the risks and danger that travel in cargo have. We as owners are the only responsible people of making a decision to ship a pet or not in cargo. Some of us will need to move from State to State or to other countries either for Work, Studies, Armed Forces Duties, Medical Treatments and those dogs are part of our families. They need to be with their owners too. United was the only Hope we have. We know thousands of shippings done worldwide in United all with a positive ending. Please help us to use Pet Safe for our loved ones. One bad inccident cant compare to thousands of good positive shippments. 

We agree to sign any contract or waiver making only us the owners the responsible person of choosing Cargo for our dogs. United and anyone that handle our dogs are Not responsible for any accident, issue or death in transit or after. We are the ones choosing to ship via Cargo even if its a Risky decision. We are willing to do anything to make things happen. We want to decide over the future of our dogs, hopping always the best but also with knowldge that they could be as risk in cargo. 

We only ask for a few open windows, for a time frame in year that people can take their loved ones. Example from October to March is a great time. Or from November to February just to give a example. Those are not hot months. But please help us to see a little Hope. Take a week in a month to ship big dogs in giant or 700 series crates but dont let those dogs behind. United  is the only Airline that f9r years have helped those breeds and owners to re unite. 

No pet should be left behind.