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End live cetacean transportation from wild to marine parks. Revise policies, become a Dolphin Friendly Airline joining the ranks of some 39 airlines who have pledged never to transport dolphins.

It has come to our attention that your airline engages in the transportation of live dolphins and/or whales. This practice explicitly condones the outrageous hunting, killing, capturing, training, transporting, and the misery of a life in confinement for these animals. Gone are the days where a company had only one goal in business which was to maximize its profits for the owners.

Today, we see a savvy world population and an expansion of the stakeholders in a business to include the community at large. Companies are expected to consider a wide range of social responsibilities and no longer can they hide behind ignorance or profit. The world demands more from corporations in exchange for their patronage.

Millions of people worldwide sign petitions against the capture, slaughter, and confinement of cetaceans across the globe. These people care deeply, actively use social media and have made the connection between drive hunts and the supply of live dolphins to marine parks. The link is undeniable and the circle of supply and demand irrefutable and profit driven.

Public opinion matters and should be taken seriously.  Corporations that do are respected and acknowledged, for example, Hong Kong Airlines altered their manifesto and banned future live dolphin transport from wild to the captive industry after receiving a petition of 6,500 signatures thanks to a campaign led by WDC.

Your airline plays an important part of that process and it does you no credit. The public sees your involvement as a self-serving, profit making exercise which is no longer acceptable. We ask you to reconsider your position and change your policies so that live dolphin and whale transport from wild to marine parks is no longer facilitated. We ask that you become a Dolphin Friendly Airline joining the ranks of some 39 airlines who have pledged never to transport dolphins, thanks to the WDC campaign. These organizations are putting ethics before profits and we hope you will too.

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Voices for the Sea

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