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As a result of COVID-19 striking Scotland and our home countries, all universities and colleges have suspended face to face teaching, closed all buildings and suspended all their services. As a follow up from this, us being residents at Spring Gardens, The Old Fire Station, King Street Exchange and Causeway View (belonging to Unite Students) believe that we should not have to pay rent for a flat in which we are no longer going to stay at. We have been advised to go home, 'self isolate', 'socially distance' and yet when we are at home and trying to avoid our families from contracting a disease we have to pay for an empty accommodation. Exams have been announced to be online and the universities and colleges are going to be closed until September, when the new academic year begins, so we students have no reason to return to our accommodation. We do not think that the Unite Students company realises the impact this has on us: we are trying to pay deposits, working to earn money to live while the world is suffering a pandemic. Also, some of our respective governments are not going to give us the last payment of the grant because we have left the country and they do not take into account that it is due to a major cause. PLEASE, HELP US TO TERMINATE OUR LEASES!!