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Unite as The Neshaminy Taxpayers and Community

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Dear NFT Officers and Members,

The community wants you to hold true to your promise of "fair" negotiations and stop pointing fingers. Negotiation meets compromise, not to give you everything you want, regardless of the effect on the community.

The community of Neshaminy School District has endured the coercive techniques of NFT negotiations for too long. So long, that Neshaminy School District is now the titleholder for longest running negotiations for a teacher contracts in the state. If you were negotiating in “good faith,” at least one concession would be made, from the items “on the table.” NFT claims to have made concessions, but they cannot take back what was never yours.

As NFT members, you state that you have community support. However, NFT and its proposals have DO NOT have the support of the community.

NFT needs to understand that fact LOUD and CLEAR

We elect our school board and they are doing exactly what we have elected them to do.

In your union, your position is to not give back anything you already have,to not give back anything you have worked hard to get.

- Understand that as taxpayers, we have worked hard for our homes that we will lose if taxes are increased to satisfy your proposals.

- Understand that we have worked hard to raise our children and their education is being destroyed by NFT’s borderless attack on our schools.

- Understand the union mentality is no longer viable in this economy.

We want our teachers to have a compensation package that is fair, not luxurious.

We love the teachers who have been trying teach our children as a teacher is supposed to do. We don’t like seeing these same teachers sit in silence because they fear retaliation from the rest of the NFT.

NFT members have stated their position very clear for us to understand:

“First and foremost, we support our union!”

“Teachers and NFT are one.”

“More negotiations are supposed to happen when we strike, not less.”

These three statements let us know it is NOT about the kids for the NFT. These statements show the kids are just a means to an end.

We demand you do the following:

1. Teach the students and do not consider a second strike for the student's sake.

2. Starting teaching the students according to the common standards of teaching in The United States of America and what our taxes pay for:

- Stop assigning busy work. Teach a lesson AND give homework… it’s in your job description according to us- the taxpayers and the parents.

- Make parent phone calls afterschool hours

- Do planning and paperwork after school hours

- Stop talking to our kids about your contract problems

- Stop wearing your union shirts for work

- Decorate the classrooms and bulletin boards rather than leaving them brown cork board

- Hang up student work

- Show up for extra events such as Back to School Night, Graduation, and Prom without a picket line or complaining

- Come early or stay late (or both) to help our kids learn

3. Agree to public negotiations, because we can’t tell who isn’t negotiating anymore. You are the only side not agreeing to this, which makes it look like the NFT is not willing to negotiate.

4. Changes to negotiation team members:

- Include a member who has less than 5 years teaching experience because they will be effected most by this contract

- Louise Boyd is in conflict of interest to the entire negotiation process because it includes a drug and alcohol testing clause. As a matter of public record: Louise D. Boyd, 49 charges of DUI and careless driving. 2010. Boyd should be immediately removed from the negotiation team.

- For the above reason she should also not be appointing new members to the negotiation team

5. We want teachers to have input into the education of our children, but equal say is failing our school and failing our kids.

6. Show your financial formulas in regards to how you will save the district money with your proposal

7. Stop demanding Neshaminy School District spend 18 million dollars THIS YEAR to settle contracts and 30 million over the next three years.

8. Stop demanding that taxes be raised OR educational programs cut to give NFT members a luxury package.

9. Understand the school has liquid funds, but needs to save them for student need, not use them only for teacher compensation.

10. We want teachers to submit to the same random drug/alcohol testing other employees have to submit to, because teachers take care of our children everyday. Our teachers should be held to a HIGHER moral standard than others, not lower. In addition, currently teaching in the district, there are a number of NFT members with multiple theft charges on record and other teachers with DUIs on record. These facts also make it imperative that the random drug and alcohol screenings are part of the new contract.

11. We demand NFT members (and their family members), who are involved in various forms of harassment of community members to immediately disengage from all forms of retaliation, threats and other fear-instill mechanisms that have paralyzed most of the community from speaking up publicly.

-(The example has been clipped due to the NFT spouse/member who was quite upset her internet comment was used. Name calling and its affects on children wii be featured soon on

The Board of Education has stated they will not negotiate with you until you go back to the classroom.

The Board of Education should also not be required to negotiate 24 hours a day- because they have jobs to go to everyday.

Stop this battle of wills.

Go back to work, educate our children and realize that brute union attacks will no longer work in this community.

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