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Act on the neglect and abuse by pressing charges against the family!

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"Buddy is the name of this 4 yr old pup.  A Facebook friend of mine has watched this dog suffer for to long. She has called Uniontown Barracks, State Police, Fayette County, Animal control, Fayette SPCA of Uniontown and others trying to get this dog some help SEVERAL different times but nobody would!

This dog has been beaten by the family!  He was tied up outside ON A WIRE (no collar, or rope or leash, just a WIRE) 24/7 without food, water, shelter or shade in the rain, heat, snow, and sleet...Covered in fleas, very underweight and dehydrated. Running a temp. He was having seizers when we found him. 

The other day my friend looks out her window to this dog having seizure's caused by a heat stroke... about 4 pm until the next afternoon when he was put down and that was about 1, I believe, that was very hard on me, but at least he wasn't alone.  It was 100 plus degrees and this family would go days without feeding the dog or giving it water... it just stayed outside, forgotten half the time and food thrown out to be rotted by the rain and elements (but never on a regular basis even).  

She went over to help the dog. Called Uniontown Barracks, State Police, Fayette County, Fayette SPCA of Uniontown all over again, and still no help! So she ran the dog to her vet... who was unable to help citing legal issues with her not being Buddy’s owner and so she took it to another vet who sedated the dog and put in an IV and did what they could to monitor the dog. While this dog was fighting for his life, the police called the lady who rescued him saying she was going to be arrested once she got home for 'stealing' this dog!

Later the Uniontown Barracks, State Police, Fayette County, said as long as she did not air this story on the news they would not arrest her... but after a long night of fighting, the temperature would not go down and the dog kept having seizure's and eventually he passed away. RIP BUDDY 06/29/2012.

Now here is where we need YOUR HELP... the news reporters are backing away from the story so we need to blow up the pages to make it aware that this is NOT okay and to help make stricter rules everywhere! Help us bring justice for this poor innocent dog! The news stations are listed below."


This poor dog Buddy died when this could have been avoided. Buddy was left outside in any weather, no shelter, no shade, no food and water or barely. Buddy was abused, and the abusers should be punished now.  The family is liable for his death and should face criminal charges.  A private citizen took Buddy who was having seizures due to health issues from exposure to all kinds of weather, lack of food and water and abuse took him, and went to seek the help of a vet the first of which would not help as she wasn't the owner and there were liability issues cited.  The second vet started IV and treatment but could not keep a high fever under control and Buddy passed away.


Calls were made earlier on to Fayette SPCA of Uniontown, & Uniontown Barracks, State Police, and they turned blind eyes until this citizen took the dog to seek help and then it became `stolen property`. No news will cover this to get word out in Buddy`s honor, or to prevent this from happening again. The thought that this woman that took the dog, who was clearly ill enough to pass away, being looked at as a thief is beyond comprehension.  This was an act of compassion and would've been seen this way had this been a child.  Thanks to this citizen, Buddy, even though he passed, in his last moments came in contact with human unconditional love, compassion, and caring...things he may never have known otherwise.

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