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Vidarbha is the heart of India
67 years ago, this beautiful land, with its own glorious history and
unique culture, lost its independence as a State when it was forced to
become a part of Maharashtra.
The shadow of this tragedy still haunts our land. Once a land of
agricultural plenty, with a huge cash crop like cotton, supporting
India's largest textile manufacturing industry, today's Vidarbhahas
become a land of farmers' suicides, of shut down factories, of
unemployed youth, of dead malnutritioned babies, of abandoned half
constructed dams and dried up rivers, of broken roads, of rapacious
coal mines that exploit the land to service obsolete and wasteful
technology, of teacherless schools and doctorless hospitals, of
begging men and deprived & often victimized women, where Naxalite
terror has long replaced law and order.
Vidarbha was a State with a surplus budget, never ever tainted by
any communal riot, where Tatas chose to set up their first large
industry, where the Mahatma led the Nation to its independence,
where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar awakened the Dalit to his status of
equal citizen, where the Tribal kings ruled, where tigers roamed the
huge forests, where availability of employment brought the youth
from all over India. This was a land of many peoples, religions and
tongues, which was at once diverse and whole.
Against its people's wish, against the specific recommendation of the
First State's Reorganisation Commission, just to work out equasions
of political power, lured by false promises of the Nagpur Pact which
was never honoured, Vidarbha was forced to become a part of
Maharashtra, where it was deprived of its development, stripped of
its growth and denuded of its very identity.
Vidarbha Connect is an apolitical forum. Its members are truly
representative: common men and women, intellectuals and
professionals from all walks of life, students and housewives,
shopkeepers and industrialists. All have one common love: Vidarbha.
All have one common dream: To get back Vidarbha from the failed
state of Maharashtra.
We want our statehood back.
We demand our land. We want Vidarbha.