Union Home Ministry, Delhi government: Set up fast-track courts to hear rape/ gangrape cases

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Union Home Ministry, Delhi government: Set up fast-track courts to hear rape/ gangrape cases

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sheila dikshit (Chief minister, Delhi) and

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Started by Hindustan Times

The 23-year-old woman whose savage gangrape on a bus in New Delhi sparked mass protests across India has died in a Singapore hospital after suffering severe organ failure.

President Pranab Mukherjee has described her as "a brave and courageous girl who fought till the very last minute for her dignity and her life."


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has urged the nation not to let the death be "in vain". "I want to tell them and the nation that while she may have lost her battle for life, it is up to us all to ensure that her death will not have been in vain," said Singh in a condolence message.


As many 635 cases of rape were registered across Delhi till December 15 this year--a record of sort for six years. Cases of molestation have also seen a rise as 653 cases were reported in 2011 against 601 cases in 2010. 


Sign this petition, let not rape victims just become statistics and ask Chief Minister Dikshit and the Union Home Ministry to set up fast-track courts for speedy justice and severe punishment for rapists.

We also want to focus on the following solutions:

Tech for safety

More CCTVs and patrol vans, centralised control room and database, effective use of social media.

Tightening law

Much stricter penalties, better prosecution, fast-tracking of cases and a sex offenders’ register.

Victims’ care

Physical and psychological protection of the victim through the legal process. Proper rehabilitation.

Changing mindset

Sensitising the police and introducing gender-sensitive school syllabi with help of educationists, NGOs.

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This petition had 21,802 supporters

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