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Eliminate All Gas Chambers

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The Union County Animal Shelter in North Carolina still has two gas chambers to euthanize animals with. Due to the amount of homeless animals and the shelters inability to take care of them, they are killed before they even have a chance. Over 41,000 animals have been killed in this shelter since 2005. "Witnesses have seen animals struggling and wailing for up to ten minutes before death in gas chambers, some biting themselves and each other in panic, beating their heads against the chamber walls, choking and vomiting. Groups of up to 25 animals are gassed together. Some will not die the first time." - NCCHE This is an extremely horrid way to kill animals who deserve to live and be adopted to caring homes. Even if an animal has to be put down, it is cheaper and safter to put animals to sleep with an injection and someone personally with the animal in its last moments. This petition can help save the wonderful lives of many animals.

The current sheriff, Eddie Cathey, has already been through a lawsuit about this subject and still the gas chambers remain. This can change though with primary elections coming up May 6th, 2014. Sandra Peterson is a fantastic candidate for this position. She is highly qualified and has a strong love for animals and their saftey. She will partner with organizations and many volunteers to help foster the animals to keep them out of the shelter and expanding the shelter while implementing plans to get them adopted. Peterson is a very forward-thinking, hard-working, outstanding candidate and if she is voted in, she will change not only the backwards animal control policies but reform Union County for the better. Her website and Facebook are at the end of this description.

With the amount of supporters on this petition and Sarah Peterson in office we can save thousands of animals who deserve to live a wonderful life. 


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