REMOVE HK Police Force Recruitment ad NOW - UniMelb endorsing terrorism!

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No more excuses for tolerating dehumanization.

The University of Melbourne recently posted a Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) probationary inspector recruitment advertisement on its online career platform, and the same advertisement also appeared on other Australian universities' sites. While the University of Technology Sydney and University of New South Wales took down their ads after receiving complaints from students and alumni, the University of Melbourne decided to keep the posting online, claiming the HKPF is just one of the 'employers' who posts jobs advertisement and even addressing the interest of international students who may be considering to take up the position.

However, this is not just a regular advertisement, this is an endorsement of dehumanization and terrorism to whoever allowing the promotion to go on.

Police brutality has been a serious issue in Hong Kong for the past 11 months. There had been evidence of sexual assault, lynching, raping and even murdering, thousands of corpses were found and defined by HKPF as “No suspicious” cases. There is no legitimacy of them 'maintaining law and order'. And yet, there is nothing the society can do to stop them. In simple words, Hong Kong is currently ruled by a “military government”. Therefore, such an advertisement does not only imply the promotion of terrorism and dehumanization on campus but also indicates that the University is ignoring such wrongdoings and allowing more injustice cases to happen.

The University has the responsibility to facilitate a healthy and appropriate career path for all students, especially when being one of the top-leading universities in Australia, universal values of freedom, democracy, and justice should have made well-recognized within every individual. And this dehumanization crisis does not come alone as an exceptional case, but an alert to the whole global population. 

Sign the petition now to urge the University to take action, let the world know what matters, there are no more excuses for international tolerance and negligence in dehumanization.