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Unilever: Stop using unsustainable palm oil

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Grocery shopping is taking us a lot longer these days. On a recent trip to our local zoo we learned of the horrible repercussions of palm oil. Palm oil and its derivatives are in a number of popular products on the shelf today. Palm oil is produced by the slashing and burning of rainforests. This is driving many species, including orangutans close to extinction. It is also the source of huge amounts of carbon emissions. We will no longer be purchasing products that contain palm oil because we do not support the deforestation that is a direct result of producing palm oil.

Unilever is the single largest consumer of palm oil in the world. They supply a vast array of foods and household goods but at what cost. Unilever should take a stand and be an industry leader by only using sustainable palm oil in its products. Protecting the rainforest is CRITICAL!

How did our grandparents get by decades ago? Palm oil was almost non-existent. Why do we need it? I think it’s time for companies to take a stand, do what is better for our planet!

Unilever, please consider using sustainable ingredients. Although perhaps more expensive for you, they are much better for our planet!

I can CHOOSE to NOT support Unilever and other companies that are causing deforestation. Unfortunately, orangutans, and other animals that are going to go extinct in the wild if we continue on this path, don’t have a say in what happens to their environments. It is up to us to keep them safe.

I am giving up Unilever products and will spread the word so that others will also stop buying products made with unsustainable palm oil until they make the switch to sustainable palm oil.  This cannot wait years, things need to change and it has to happen now!

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