STOP Fair & Lovely and Skin WHITENING Creams and Advertisements

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Unilever is the company that owns brands Dove and Fair & Lovely. Dove proudly presents their 'Real Beauty' Campaign which promotes loving the skin you are in.  The irony however, is that Unilever's other brand, Fair & Lovely, promotes whitening your skin to feel "worthy" since 1975.

Following the global outrage over systematic racism and the murder of black people, Unilever CEO Alan Jope tweeted, "@alanjope: Racial issues are human rights issues. We are fully committed to building an organisation which is a beacon for diversity and inclusion. Actions are more important than words. Jun 1, 2020." That same day, he also tweeted that Unilever's brands "will campaign & invest against social injustice and...break harmful stereotypes that contribute to racism..."

These tweets clash with the purpose of his brand, Fair & Lovely. A brand which tells people of colour that we are only as worthy as the colour of our skin. A brand which shames us for our blackness and browness. A brand which promotes whiteness as the ideal of success and achievement. 

The production of Fair & Lovely and commercial whitening creams adds tremendous pressure on darker skinned people. It adds to ongoing issues of validating a person's worth based on how white they are. It perpetuates the idea of the supremacy of whiteness and entrenches institutionalised colour based racism.

It is about time that Unilever and other corporates are held accountable for what they promote. We cannot let these corporates hijack and tweet about #BlackLivesMatter while telling us that #WhiteIsBetter. They must stop the production and sale of brands that do NOT support diversity and promote the superiority of whiteness. We must not be made ashamed of our skin colour. 

If you agree, please sign this petition. End institutional racism and colorism. Hold business accountable. 

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