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"Fair&Ugly" Unilever, please STOP peddling 'RACISM for PROFIT' in the Third World!

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Heard of the "Dove Campaign for Natural Beauty?"...... thats for the First World... where Unilever wants to be considered ETHICAL........... when it comes to the Third World....its : 'Fair & Lovely', Pond's, Vaseline for Men....... all Skin Whitening Products..... that ask dark skins to become Whiter............ welcome to RACISM sponsored by UNILEVER......... at FULL FORCE..... Unrelenting campaigns that ask viewers to get rid of Dark Skins...... and fix them with Fairness Creams...... thats the reality of UNILEVER......... the most unethical company in all of the world..... 

Unilever markets some gruesome brands such as "Fair & Lovely" and "Vaseline Men", which are 'SKIN WHITENING PRODUCTS', to market which, they sell white skin as a desirable state of existence, and to do this, they run down dark skin as undesirable and negative.   The advertisement campaigns for these products are so "in your face" that whole nations are going to be affected for generations.  They promote and further the social evil of Colour Discrimination.  We dont want the world to go back to the days of outright racism.  This has to stop!!!  The video you see here is just one of the many horrible advertisements that they air on prime time tv repeatedly.

Unilever WOULD NOT DARE do this in the Western World, but they do it blatantly in the Third World, because there are no rules to prevent them, or because the governments and people of the Third World could be manipulated easily!  

For a multinational corporation laying claim to the title of "The Most Ethical Corporation", in the west, these are highly unethical and vile skeletons in the cupboard (third world).  Shameful Double Standards, and Unilever needs to be called out for it!

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