Pressure Unilever to keep Weiss bar production in Toowoomba.

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Weis is an iconic Queensland brand that was named as one of the 150 Queensland icons on the 150th anniversary of Queensland. The famous Weis ice cream bars were first produced by Les Weis in 1957 and were produced in Toowoomba by the family until its sale in 2017. For as long as I can remember a visit to Toowoomba was synonymous with getting a Fruito and later the classic Mango bar. 

When multinational company, Unilever, purchased this factory from the Weis family there was an understanding that the Weis bars would continue to be produced in Toowoomba. Now, less than three years later the multinational company is closing the factory and moving operations to Sydney, for economic reasons. 

The factory employs more than 90 people, who will lose their jobs when it closes in 2020. This is in a region that is suffering from drought and bushfires and will be challenged to maintain other jobs in the surrounding agricultural areas when the smoke clears and until the rains come. In these regional centres when jobs are lost and people leave they rarely return. 

This closure is another example of the centralisation of production away from regional Australia and has the potential to have an impact well beyond the local area. 

I would ask you to share this petition if you agree that the closure of the company will be a major impact on a local community and the end of a classic Australian product.