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Uniform Licensing, Scope of Practice and Prescriptive Laws for Nurse Practitioners Across All States.

Care by a Nurse Practitioner reduces healthcare costs in many ways:   

    • Office visits are significantly less than a visit to a primary care physician.
    • Because of their “nursing model” background in preventative medicine, they reduce the amount of yearly ER visits.
    • Nurse Practitioners have a higher rate of prescribing generic medication.
    • Patients have fewer hospitalizations under Nurse Practitioner care.


    There have been many studies in the level of care between primary care physicians and Nurse Practitioners. Nurse Practitioners came out equal in level of care, but outshone the physicians in patient satisfaction, along with reducing healthcare costs.  

 Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice laws must not only be nationally uniform; they need to be broadened. Because of the shortage of primary care physicians, Nurse Practitioners will most assuredly take over that role; but they can’t practice with their hands tied.

We, the undersigned are asking our lawmakers to listen to us, their constituency, and introduce a bill advancing the cause of unform licensing, scope of practice and prescriptive laws for Nurse Practitioners across all states.

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