Recall Unicorn Snot Sunscreen Until Ocean-Friendly

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Unicorn Snot is a cosmetic company that sells glitter-focused products. While they are “cruelty free” in their description, they recently came out with sparkly sunscreen that does NOT use biodegradable glitter. This is extremely harmful to the ocean as the level of micro plastics in the water has increased tremendously, not only affecting animals but reef-life as well. Putting glitter in sunscreen encourages using micro plastics in large quantities and then going directly into the water, which is environmentally irresponsible.

The company claimed that they are working on using bioglitter in the future. However, they are still actively selling their sunscreen and deleting social media comments informing people of its harm. Please sign this petition to ask Unicorn Snot and FCTRY to stop selling this product until they create an environmentally-friendly formula.