The World Needs a Pride Heart Emoji

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With Section 377 decriminalized in India, things are looking up for the LGBTQIA community. They now find themselves as an integral part of a more accepting and socially aware society.

The world has always taken baby steps toward queer inclusion. And that’s why today, over 100 countries have subscribed to the love-for-all philosophy – a milestone to be immensely proud of.

While love has slowly and steadily come to be accepted as an emotion with different shades, its symbol has not reflected that yet.

But after such massive progress, the world needs a Heart that represents universal love - the world needs a Pride Heart emoji.

One that celebrates all, and all kinds of love.

At Uber, we believe in celebrating diversity every day, not just during the Pride month, and we want to open this celebration to the world.

So, let’s come together to give love an inclusive expression - one that is part of all our vocabularies, and one we can all express more frequently.

Let’s come together to make the Pride Heart emoji – a universal symbol of love, a reality on all our keyboards.

With every signature #LoveMovesForward