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 LISTEN TO YOUR USERS!  The bean is a fundamental part of the American diet. This being said, it is horrendously underrepresented on the emoji keyboard created by the company. The word bean is defined by Google as "an edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants," however the word is no longer used to describe only vegetables. Bean is now being adopted as a term of endearment by today's youth, and has become a ubiquitous term. Teenagers today refer to celebrities and musicians they like as their "beans." A popular example is twenty one pilots, many fanatics refer to Joseph and Dun as 'smol beans,' meaning they are wonderful and dear to their hearts. Additionally, a close friend is likely to call another close friend a bean. HOLLA IF U AGREE!!! Every generation adopts slang and ideas, which shapes how products are created and what is included. Failing to include the bean emoji shows negligence on the Unicode Consortium's part to be a trendsetter and follow what appeals to the masses. Over recent years, the Unicode Comsortium has gone as far as adopting an emoji of the middle finger. If the Unicode consortium can include such an offensive symbol, then they should be more inclusive of the bean.  RESPECT FOR THE ADUKI, ALFALFA, FAVA, CAROB, BLACK, HARICOT, KIDNEY, LIMA, MUNG, PINTO, & GREEN. DON'T BE MEAN, RESPECT THE BEAN!

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