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Make "Ugly Produce" Emojis Standard in Unicode, iOS and Android!

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Sign this petition to encourage Unicode, Apple and Google to create ugly produce emojis and make them standard! You can also download our ugly produce app for iOS here:

Every year, according to the recent ReFED report, 20 billion pounds of fruits and veggies go to waste. Meanwhile, 50 million Americans are food insecure. What a SHAME!

This waste is happening mostly due to "cosmetic standards from large grocers that dictate exactly how fruits and veggies should look" says Jordan Figueiredo from @UglyFruitAndVeg. Even crazier, some produce gets rejected even though it looks EXACTLY the same as the produce that ends up on the grocery store shelves.

To help raise awareness of these issues, we are urging Unicode, Apple, and Google to be part of the solution: to use their resources and talented staff to design and embed ugly produce emojis as part of their standard emoji keyboards. By doing so, we can help reach and empower the millions of people around the world who use emojis everyday in a fun, yet meaningful way.

We've got "perfect" fruits and veggies in our keyboards, why don't we yet have ones that have more personality, better express our feelings, AND help bring awareness to some of the biggest issues of our time?

In the meantime, we created our own ugly produce stickers app for iOS to show that people would embrace emojis featuring less-than-perfect fruits and veggies! You can download it here: Enjoy!!


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