Stop Killing Babies in Afghanistan

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        On Tuesday 12 May 2020, the 100- bed hospital in western Kabul Afghanistan was attacked.

       The hospital includes a maternity ward run by the international aid group Doctors Without Borders. Mothers, newborn babies, nurses and doctors were among the victims. The Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan announced that in this attack 24 people, mainly mothers and newborn babies, were killed and 16 were injured.

       The hospital is located in Dasht-e- Barchi, an area that mostly ethnic Hazara people are living.

       Hazara people constitute the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and more than other ethnic groups have been facing violence by Taliban, ISIS and other  terrorist groups.

       Unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan was unable to bring peace to people of Afghanistan and especially was unsuccessful to end to deadly suicide attacks targeting civilians. People of Afghanistan have been killed mainly in social gathering, such as gathering in mosques during pray, funeral ceremonies and even wedding parties. Due to the government's incompetence in controlling terrorist attacks, the devastating cycle of deadly attacks continues.

       The purposes of this petition are: (1) to express our sorrow and condolences to families who lost their love ones in that tragic attack, and (2) to request the intervention of the United Nations, UNICEF and other human rights organizations to prevent deadly suicide attacks targeting civilians. To ensure protection of basic human rights in Afghanistan, the government of Afghanistan has to be responsible to protect its citizens from violence and has to provide tangible actions and policies. It also has to establish justice and punishment for whom that violate the laws.