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We want to support this kind of adoption, because denying single people to adopt a child in order to start a family and give the  opportunity to a kid to have someone that cares for them is a real situation that happens very often nowadays, and without this kind of adoption many children would be homeless.

Our goal its showing how a single-parent can offer the opportunity to an orphan or homeless kid of having a family without one of the parents present and the traditional structure, knowing that without the normal amount of family members, anyone can offer the same kind of love and support as a common family.

The reason why we care about it, is that we want to demostrate how ONE person can be responsible enough to be in charge of a kid and being able to give him or her a loving-caring home.

It has meaning because it shows the incredible life this person can give to a child and also how having a kid and raising him it’s not just a work for two, it can be also a work for one.

But it’s also to see how having a child it’s not only a privilege for a couple and knowing that having the opportunity to take care of a child on your own it’s an amazing gift for both of them.

That’s why we think it is important and a reason to fight for, taking into account everyone's right to start a family.