#Petition for the Release of imprisoned Eritrean Refugees in Cairo.

#Petition for the Release of imprisoned Eritrean Refugees in Cairo.

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On Sunday, 21 July 2019 more than 500 Eritrean refugees in Egypt took to the streets of Cairo to protest corruption within the UNHCR’s Egypt office. The agency’s personnel did not show up to inquire about the refugee’s grievances.

Police showed up during the protests and arrested more than 90 of the refugees, later releasing most of them and holding five refugees in an undisclosed location, without access to a lawyer or to their family and loved ones. The UNHCR which is responsible for the safety the five refugees whose refugee identity papers were the first to be confiscated by police during the peaceful march, has refused to take responsibility.

More than 48 hours after the arrest, the five refugees still have not been allowed to meet a lawyer and talk with their families (Some sources have indicated that the refugees are being held at the 1st October City Station). They have not been accused of any particular crime, except going out to the streets to expose longstanding corruption within the UNHCR’s Egypt office.

We urge the Government of Egypt, and the UNHCR to immediately release the following five protestors still detained in undisclosed location.

The five refugees (along with their refugee ID numbers) currently held in an undisclosed location are:

1) Abdulhadi Mohammed Hamid  

(2) Denden Isamail Abubeker  

(3) Feday Yemane  

(4) Hermon Goytom  

(5) Yonatan Bimnet Gebremedhin